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Pillow Inserts
The choice of the best pillow type largely depends on two basic factors: the pillow style and the pillow inserts. The style of the pillow refers to the form, shape and aesthetic aspects of the cushion. Lumbar, boudoir, wedge, bolster and throw pillows are some of the most common pillow styles adopted by custom pillow makers […]

Pillow Inserts Options

One of our most frequently asked questions is which drapery heading should I select for my curtains.  Custom curtains are a great investment for any home.  However your personal style will determine which drapery heading will fit best into your space.  Here are seven of our most popular and top drapery header […]

Top Drapery Header Styles

How many times have you wanted to leave your curtains open to let the sunlight in but hesitate due to privacy problems.  Many people love natural sunlight but do not get to enjoy it as much as they like. Sheer curtains are a great window treatment option that will allow you to keep […]

Decorating with Sheer Curtains

With all of the options to decorate your home with pillows, where do you start?  First you need to start with a realistic budget.  If your budget only allows $100 and you need a few pillows, designer throw pillows are not the place to start.  However, if your budget is […]

Quality Designer Throw Pillows