Custom Balloon Shades

Custom Balloon Shades

Why are our custom balloon shades  most frequently described as beautiful and elegant ?  It is because they are our one of our most popular window shades.  They can instantly transform your space to elegance.   While balloon shades are not as popular as the more modern shades, they are still one of the best window treatments to use in your space when an upscale appearance is needed.


Custom Balloon Shades

custom balloon shade in red silk dupioni


History of Roman Balloon Shades

Balloon draperies were a popular window treatment, especially in traditional, European-themed residences such as Victorian homes. The Victorian interior design, named after the period of British history known as the Victorian Era, is known for the lavish, royal-looking and ornate decoration which create the overall appeal for every home interior.  Heavy and solid lines, flower patterns, wood furniture and high-arching coves are some of the distinguishing elements in every Victorian design.

Decors with full and elaborate curves, such as balloon shades, are likewise popular.  The fullness of the gathered fabric puffs at the edge of balloon shades work well with the Victorian intricate design.  This creates a balance between a soft and cozy appeal versus a heavily-designed interior.  The Victorian style gained popularity at the era’s flourish from the 1830’s to early 1900’s.  However, today’s modern home owners witness a re-creation and re-invention of the Victorian motif to fit the twenty-first century residential homes.

Balloon Curtains for Bedrooms

More recently during the 1980’s and 1990’s, balloon shades were a staple of interior design industry.  With the turn of modern decor in today’s trend, balloon shades were almost forgotten.  More homeowners are infusing the sleek modern styles in there design.    We have brought this beautiful window treatment back to life with some amazing updates with modern fabrics and dazzling trim.  We offer the balloon curtain in both a silk dupioni fabric as well as a faux silk taffeta fabric.  Beautiful beaded trim can be added to either shade for a wonderful embellishment.  Many of our clients have fell in love with this beautiful window treatment.  We invite you to see for yourself how beautiful this window shade can be in your home.


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